Too soon to move?

Hi ya all,

It’s Summer time in Dubai and it is so damn hot outside. We don’t go out anywhere, it almost feels impossible to breathe, so high humidity and high temperatures. I swear a saw a video of people making an egg fry on the road with at least 48 degrees outside.

Any who, so its only been hardly 6 months in our new apartment, and we are already thinking of the areas we would like to move to next year. I mean seriously!!! why? this current apartment , trust me is very good in every way ( ok the kitchen is too small, but still! ) . Our building is almost out of the city, very secluded place with only a few official building and the best thing is a metro station near by and the direct access to Sheikh Zayed road.  Then the inside of the apartment is like a dream come true with a huge terrace roof , stairs and 2 rooms . I mean its like a pent house. So me and hubby ( I recently got married as well, didn’t I tell ya? my bad) we both are earning like a common middle class people but you look at our apartment it makes us feel like millionaires!!

So having a millionaire feel apartment and salary like peanuts , we have exhausted ourselves in just 6 months and now we are ready to move. There are so many things to consider though before we move. The new one close enough to the office? the area of the apartment, the balcony? the kitchen size, number of cabinets , bathroom size. etc etc and the list goes on! and then you have to book what you see immediately because only God knows why these people in Dubai can’t hold the property for even a month for somebody!

Are you thinking of  moving to Dubai . You must consider this.

Have you been through this already ? share your thoughts .

Eid break 2016

Hello Peepz,

So I went to my home country this Eid-ul-Adha break. The official off was for 3 days but then who can have a vacation for 3 days only? huh! So I joined two weekends together and made it 8 days. Now when I am back, I miss it!!! It was so damn relaxing (although i was out for shopping EVERYDAY!) . The fun part is, it was my parents place and I didn’t have to do ANYTHING! yayy Parents are a blessing ! All I did there was Shop, EAT and SLEEP!

I went back after a year and boy has Pakistan changed. Firstly, I felt that it had become too expensive, in just a year?? I mean I know that the Rupee (Paki currency) had depreciated but every damn thing was talking to the sky. (For those of you who do not know, I work and live in Dubai). The world is changing and it is changing fast. Secondly, there was so much , so much public everywhere! people were falling on my head! Aghh… anyway, i still love to touch base and go back to my city  “the city of lights”.


I have bought lots of stuff which includes:

A cute artificial plant pot, which gives such a nice vibe because they have made it look like natural and rustic with some soil marks . Thumbs up!

SAM_0235-1_resized (1).jpg


Lots of Kitchen stuff that I wanted to add to my kitchen gadgets. Check out some cool kitchen gadgets here!


A very nice sculpture I found for my apartment.


And finally I got henna applied to my hands. Cool na!!??


Until next time. Chao!

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