Hello there! I am Yusra aka YZ. To brief a little about me, I am a single mother of a 4 year old boy , a Textile Engineer by education, a garment merchandiser by profession. I am the laziest and the most tension-free person you would ever meet. For me everything will be alright in the end! I am a very jolly person I don’t mind things, and i forget EVERYTHING almost instantly . 

In here I will talk about everything and anything. I dont want to limit myself to any particular subject. I may be talking about my love life or bitching about my work life, I may be expressing how money-lover I am or it could be about baking cake for my son. 

Nice to meet ya all and looking forward for great fun times ahead! Here’s a cup of green tea I just made for myself at work.2016-08-25_14.27.56[1]

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