Eid break 2016

Hello Peepz,

So I went to my home country this Eid-ul-Adha break. The official off was for 3 days but then who can have a vacation for 3 days only? huh! So I joined two weekends together and made it 8 days. Now when I am back, I miss it!!! It was so damn relaxing (although i was out for shopping EVERYDAY!) . The fun part is, it was my parents place and I didn’t have to do ANYTHING! yayy Parents are a blessing ! All I did there was Shop, EAT and SLEEP!

I went back after a year and boy has Pakistan changed. Firstly, I felt that it had become too expensive, in just a year?? I mean I know that the Rupee (Paki currency) had depreciated but every damn thing was talking to the sky. (For those of you who do not know, I work and live in Dubai). The world is changing and it is changing fast. Secondly, there was so much , so much public everywhere! people were falling on my head! Aghh… anyway, i still love to touch base and go back to my city  “the city of lights”.


I have bought lots of stuff which includes:

A cute artificial plant pot, which gives such a nice vibe because they have made it look like natural and rustic with some soil marks . Thumbs up!

SAM_0235-1_resized (1).jpg


Lots of Kitchen stuff that I wanted to add to my kitchen gadgets. Check out some cool kitchen gadgets here!


A very nice sculpture I found for my apartment.


And finally I got henna applied to my hands. Cool na!!??


Until next time. Chao!

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